Cooperation is essential

Egos Prevail Over Common Sense in Both Slovak and Hungarian Parties.

Bratislava, October 25 (TASR) – If ethnic-Hungarian SMK party leadership turned down an already-clinched deal on election cooperation with Most-Hid, then it behaves in a similar way as Slovak opposition parties where politician egos are put first before the collective voter interest in the joining of political forces, publicist Juraj Hrabko told in an interview on Friday.
“If Most-Hid and SMK won’t adopt a coordinated approach – and it doesn’t matter how many smaller satellite parties are in orbit around them – then their chances of making it to Parliament are significantly reduced,” said Hrabko. “The odds of the Hungarian minority being represented also in the next Parliament hinges on the cooperation between Most-Hid and SMK. If other small parties join in, that’s an advantage – but cooperation between these two is the game changer.”
Whether the decision by SMK to reject the joint slate of the election party is a tactic aimed to pressure Most-Hid to make concessions or a definitive abandonment of the plan remains to be seen. “If they run each on their own, it’s likely that neither party makes the 5-percent threshold. To put it short, they simply act like Slovak parties,” added Hrabko.