Internal Conflict in SaS to Continue after Congress

The internal conflict in opposition party Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) will go on regardless the result of its congress on Saturday convened to draw up a slate for the next year’s general election, analyst Juraj Hrabko has told TABLET.TV:

While dissidents around party vice-chair Lubomir Galko with their aggressive approach have made it easier for SaS chairman Richard Sulik to decide to “make order”, Sulik himself has misstepped by presenting as his key figures for the slate some people who don’t seem to be really willing to take up posts in Slovak Parliament, including Member of European Parliament Lucia Duris Nicholsonova and Bratislava region governor Juraj Droba, said the analyst.
“Droba has stated it openly – you can vote for me, you’ll be voting for SaS, but I’ll then give up the mandate,” said Hrabko.
Meanwhile, Sulik had left one spot on the slate for MP Jana Kissova, a member of the dissident Democratic Core platform, but she said that if nobody else from the group is present, she won’t run, either.