Mečiar has any political potential in today’s politics

Hrabko: Meciar Knows He No Longer Has a Chance in Politics

Bratislava, October 30 (TASR) – Ex-premier Vladimir Meciar was a significant politician of the past, however, he no longer has any political potential in today’s politics, publicist Juraj Hrabko told in an interview on Wednesday.
“I think that he’s aware of it and that it’s somebody else who’s waking him up. I see no relevant reason for him to rise from the ashes. I see no real political power anywhere around Vladimir Meciar,” said Hrabko in reaction to the reported information that Meciar might run for the Slovak League party in the 2020 general election.
Slovak League Vice-chair and former parliamentary vice-chair for People’s Party-Movement for a Democratic Slovakia (LS-HZDS) Tibor Cabaj has confirmed for news website that they addressed Meciar with this offer and he hasn’t turned it down. Meciar is expected to say whether he’s definitively accepting the bid soon.
Hrabko doesn’t see a big potential in this party even if Meciar supports it. “Vladimir Meciar doesn’t mean anything in politics any longer, he is no longer capable of anything. Of course, I cannot rule out any political speculations. I’d be careful, we’ll see which parties actually submit their slates,” added Hrabko.
Hrabko is also sceptical about new political entities, such as Good Choice led by ex-minister Tomas Drucker, Homeland with Stefan Harabin on helm, fledging ( party of Eduard Chmelar and traditional Democratic Party that has been strengthened by SaS renegades led by Jana Kissova. According to Hrabko, these parties have a chance of attracting some voters, however, it’s not very likely they would be able to exceed a 5-percent threshold to make it into parliament.
When asked what effect these parties might cause in Slovak politics, Hrabko said: “a loss of some votes”.

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