The progressive Slovakia and Together are on horseback

If Sulik invents nothing, his era is over:

“As far as I know, Richard Sulík promised to attend the round table, rejected Progressive Slovakia and invited Ms. Kušnírová to their own meeting. Progressive Slovakia and Together are on horseback today. They are the second strongest party in the era of Richard Sulik. If they do not invent anything, they are slowly coming to an end, “Hrabko said.

“Shot” and looking for common topics. “Obviously, they have explored their strengths and opportunities that can be invented in elections to be as successful as possible,” noted . Richard Sulik offered former presidential candidate Robert Mistrik the position of chairman of the SaS and electoral commission, but refused, and SaS will again lead Sulik to parliamentary elections. Asked whether it is logical that Sulik seeks ways to keep voters in the SaS acquired by the new parties, Hrabko said that this method of offering him a role seems ineffective.

“I would not compare Sulik’s chair offer with Belar Bugar, who made it on the party line, as it should.I would call Richard Sulík the step to defeat the party structures.It was a conversation between the four eyes “, rated the Scrabble. Mosta-Híd also offered his office, but the party structures did not agree.

Most-Híd has publicized his interest in working with other minority parties, but Hrabko is not optimistic. “Let’s see if it rains, I personally do not expect it.” Because it’s really about staff, “said Hrabko. ” He guaranteed that it took him two hours to give up his position as chairman when KDH I do not know why only two hours, but it means that whoever does not want Mr. Hlina to chair the KDH will not vote for the KDH, and the next step is clear. ” Hrabko commented on Alojz Hlinka’s statement that he will resign as KDH chairman if the movement does not go to parliament.

“Thanks to Alojz Hlina, the KDH now has the chance to cross the parliamentary threshold, and I think he can feel in a safe zone, not in a vulnerable zone.” The Christian Democrats are witnesses when they themselves join the Hrabko sums up, “Hrabko summarized.

The Slovak National Party put forward a proposal for changes, as the SaS testifies before

which was finally endorsed by Parliament in the abridged legislative procedure The Scrabble disagrees with the opposition’s objection that it is too late for such changes eight months before the election, but regards the amendment as sewn with a hot needle and suspect that he may violate the Constitution, rhetoric, we have eight months to go to the polls and I think anyone can In my opinion, the amendment Mr Andrei Kisku, who still has no party and only collects votes, will not endanger it. ” responded to reservations that he was too late for such an amendment. On the other hand, the financial limits for parties introduced by the amendment discriminate against those who are new and who are not yet entitled to a state contribution. “I can imagine it can happen. If one party has enough money, it can happen, “he answered when asked if more than three million limits could actually limit the party in practice.

” Surely it’s a hot needle. I do not know why, personally, I do not expect the President to sign such a law. Nevertheless, they can finally approve it in September, which could be either way. Even without a shortened legislative procedure. This political chess can not be understood, “claims Hrabko, and Prime Minister Petr Pellegrini (Smer-SD) on the Euro-Atlantic orientation of Slovakia. ” It is very good that you have done this and re-signed this declaration, as it was previously signed by President Andrej Kiska, who is no longer president and I consider it very good that Zuzana Čaputová, as new president, has signed this declaration. We’ve talked about that for a long time, “Hrabko said.