The story has repeated

t’s premature to guess at the moment whether the result of the presidential election will change division of powers in the party politics.

Smer-SD has lost in the presidential election, but less than other parties, as its candidate Maros Sefcovic finished second in the run-off, but their original candidates didn’t even make it there, analyst Juraj Hrabko has told TABLET.TV.
Five years ago Ivan Gasparovic, who was close to Smer-SD, was replaced in the presidential post by anti-Fico oriented Andrej Kiska. This year Smer-SD tried for the change in the presidential post in its favour, but failed to assert the change. “At that time it was the election against Robert Fico and now it was the election against Smer-SD,” noted Hrabko.
Smer-SD’s power was high enough for the candidate supported by it to make it to the second round, but not for the victory. “The story has repeated. However, we need to realise that Smer was very strong five years ago, it cannot be compared with its current preferences,” stated Hrabko. Despite this, it’s impossible to say that the situation in the presidential post hasn’t changed at all, as a new personality, Zuzana Caputova is heading to the presidential office,” said Hrabko.
“We need to wait. She didn’t incline to Kiska that much – we remember her statement that if she were him, she wouldn’t join politics with regards to the tax things. She made a similar statement about [SaS leader] Richard Sulik with regards to his meetings with entrepreneur Marian K.,” stressed Hrabko.
“Now it’s time for euphoria, she must enjoy it. It’s also her big personal victory, but I don’t know whether she’s aware of the fact that her life will turn by 180 degrees. She’s still acting as an activist at the moment, however, she’ll have to act like a politician. It’s a completely different role than the one in which she served by now. Iveta Radicova’s failure in politics can serve as a big warning for her,” stated the analyst.
According to Hrabko, Smer-SD’s importance on the Slovak political scene will gradually decline, however, the party still has a potential to win the upcoming general election.
Hrabko said it’s premature to guess at the moment whether the result of the presidential election will change division of powers in the party politics. Results of the EP elections will indicate something, but it won’t have any high informative value with regards to expected low turnout in the EP elections.
According to Hrabko, the political situation is getting complicated by arrival of new parties in the opposition spectrum. Parliamentary SaS, OLaNO, LSNS and We Are Family and extra-parliamentary KDH and SMK have been completed by Progressive Slovakia, Miroslav Beblavy’s Together party, as well as the Christian Union of MEPs Anna Zaborska and Branislav Skripek. President Andrej Kiska announced his intention to found a political party, too. “Kiska will fight for the same voters. As a president he has no competition, but he will have it in the party fight. We’ll see who all will join his team. Some old, as well as new faces are being mentioned. So let’s wait for three months,” stated Hrabko.

Bratislava, April 6 (TASR)